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Gift Guide: For the Mom Who Just Gets It

Gift Guide: For the Mom Who Just Gets It

For the mom who used to drive you to Michael’s at 8pm for your project due tomorrow morning, she’s out at dinner with her friends till midnight then up at 6am on her Peloton, your friends call her the mother from Mean Girls, sometimes you forget she’s your mom and not your best friend.

As We Think of...


Robot T

$88 /mo | $3,000 Purchase

Self Portrait (pink)

$38 /mo | $350 Purchase


$38 /mo | $1,000 Purchase

  • Kati Vilim

    Kati works from her Chelsea studio, serene and slightly aloof like her own paintings. It is easy to classify her as geometric abstraction, but she uses this style to a very specific end: to make “invisible things” visible. The subject of Kati’s work is abstraction itself and it is not a representation of anything that exists in the visible world. This gives the viewers the freedom to forget about preconceptions or contexts, and invites them to develop an independent, individual interpretation of the works. Aside from painting, she also works with digital mediums to make installations and videos.

  • Andrew Chan

    If something were to capture the essence of an everlasting battle between Godzilla vs Megazord vs set to Tame Impala, it would be Andrew Chan’s work. His style is graphic and bold: like an indie comic dipped in encaustic wax, his artworks evoke nostalgia and pop culture references in a satirical take on consumerism.

  • Michelle Selwa

    Michelle Selwa is an artist and Brooklyn native currently based in New York City. Her work explores the ways technology affects our relationship with images and memory, and the anxiety of archiving images from rapidly degrading mediums.

  • Ryan Patrick Martin

    Painter, sculptor, and musician Ryan Patrick Martin is one of those rare people who creates his own reality - one of playfully strange objects and environments. His works are often informed by an interest in sound synthesis, movement, vibrancy, multi-sensory experiences and an endless search to find humor and harmony in the slop.

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