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Gauthier Denoyelle

Gauthier Denoyelle

Born in France / Works in NY
Everyone seems to be learning coding now, but it takes a deeply invested one to know the beauty of everything suddenly lining up towards a solution. That moment when a highly elaborate system starts to makes sense is what Gauthier's small drawings feel like. Having studied and worked in data science, his works don't mimic scientific concept - they ARE. But instead of arguing to be completely abstract concepts, they also trace the time and effort taken to reach them, in faint pencil lines, little notes, and the blotted look of marker and crayon.
You'll like Gauthier if: you often have to take a moment after reading a particularly eloquent article.
There is more to Science than just Scientific methods and facts, there is something absolutely universal and unifying about it: Science is a lingua franca, a bridge between people but also between human and divine - through theorems, equations and symbols. The beauty of Mathematical abstractions is often ignored, their simplicity mistaken for complexity. My work tries to create a mise en abyme where I would shape an artistic abstraction of a mathematical abstraction, and reconnect the concept with the experience.
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