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Evan Peltzman

Evan Peltzman

Works in NY
Growing up in California, I was heavily influenced by the illustration work within the surf, skate and live music scenes of the 80’s and 90’s. What I loved about the artwork of the times was that it served a purpose; to connect with people through the culture in which they lived and consumed. As a young adult, I gravitated towards fine art through my exploration of less traditional media and application. I expanded my scale and absorbed the freedom of working outside the constraint of pen, ink and desk. During my undergrad years at SVA Fine Arts, I started making my own custom surfaces for paintings in the wood shop, seizing control of quality and efficiency. As I was learning woodworking techniques pertaining to my art practice, I started to apply these techniques to solve problems in my daily life. One problem that I confronted was the cramped nature of urban living and the space issues faced by creatives like myself working in the city. Using my intuition to address modern inconveniences connected me to the average person in a way that my previous work could not. Solving storage and logistics issues would eventually influence my studio practice as problem solving and design became more central to my vision. Where I’ve arrived is an artist’s approach to function, informed by 2D illustration and 3D innovation.
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