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Esteban Jimenez Guerra

Esteban Jimenez Guerra

Born in La Habana, Cuba 1984. In 2011 he obtained the BFA degree of the Fine art academy “San Alejandro” in Havana 2011. A year later, Jiménez Guerra opened his own studio gallery in Havana called the “Almost Famous Gallery.” He used the space to exhibit his work, create art and hold workshops. Two years later, Jiménez Guerra flew to the USA as part of a group of artists called “The Wall” to collaborate with the former artist collective “Arte Libre.” He has lived and worked in New York ever since. Jiménez has participated in art shows at institutions such as the Bronx Museum of Art, the Cuban Art Space gallery, Detour gallery, Macaya gallery, University of Essex, London, UK, among many others. He has been invented as an artist to lead workshops and presentations at the Children’s Museum of the Arts, Montevallo University, UMass, Boston among many others. Esteban’s work takes a critical look at dominant representations that circulate in popular culture in order to challenge racial and gendered stereotypes. He does it by simultaneously exposing the histories and structures that sustain racism and sexism and by finding provoking ways to reimagine them. In doing this, he draws from the cultural resources of his native Cuba and its rich African heritage as well as from the staggering diversity of New York City, where he currently resides. Esteban works on large formats and often mixing various techniques such as cyanotype, collage, collagraph and painting. While primarily a painter, he also incorporates photography and sculpture, into his work. Overall, Esteban is committed to use art to help us imagine more liberating futures.