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Ellannah Sadkin

Ellannah Sadkin

Works in Woodstock, NY
If pop art means anything to you, it’s like Ellanah absorbed the deluge of cartoons, graffiti, neon glitches on analog TVs, and movie characters - in a word, childhood in the 90’s - in a batter of cake that’s her own flavor. She’s not just a consumer though. Whether in circular canvas or a frame of botanical patterns, Ellanah constantly interrupts the coherence of mass media narratives by rearranging their elements.
You’ll love Ellanah if: you like to wear dungarees - bonus point if there are patches or paint splatters on them.
(To the question: “How would you explain your art to an alien?”) “I’d tell him to think of all the elements and scenes of that cartoon, and how they work together—but then mess it all up.“
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