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Daniel Kersh

Daniel Kersh

Works in Brooklyn, NY
Daniel Kersh is a queer/zen buddhist visual artist, lighting designer, creative director, and dancer/choreographer residing in NYC.
"My work describes a transformation of suffering with the use of light as a material. It indulges in the ethereal while being grounded in perception. The natural beauty of the subtlety of light is something to be reveled in. It is refreshing, calming, and brings peace and joy. We perceive reality through light, when we see, we see with the entirety of our past experience. If light is manipulated, the nature of that reality can be questioned and we are brought closer to the central truths of our perceptions. My work aims to reveal complex relationships between the materiality of light, form, and space to induce the viewer into deep looking for understanding and open up channels in the mind for conversation. The philosophy behind my work comes from ideas of Zen. In its essence, it is the art of truly seeing the nature of one’s own being. My work invites viewers to practice stopping, breathing, and looking deeply. We must look at what we can do in order to prevent the amount of misunderstanding, hatred, and violence in our society we see is able to be brought out at any moment. Insight liberates. By practicing peace together, we make peace available. My work is an effort to water beautiful seeds of peace in order to surmount the seeds of war, of suffering, of violence, and fear."
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