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Daniel Kersh

Daniel Kersh

Works in Brooklyn, NY
Daniel Kersh is an artist exploring intersections in art, performance, science, and technology. He brings his background in installation art, lighting design, and dance to create large scale, immersive exhibitions and performances. Kersh's work embodies expressions of a universal rhythm marked by impermanence, interconnectedness, and nonduality. Fundamental to all of his work is an invitation to a meditative space and an opportunity for moments of transcendence.
You’ll like Daniel if: you always look at the bright side of things
"My work describes a transformation of suffering with the use of light as a material. It indulges in the ethereal while being grounded in perception. The natural beauty of the subtlety of light is something to be reveled in. It is refreshing, calming, and brings peace and joy. We perceive reality through light, when we see, we see with the entirety of our past experience. If light is manipulated, the nature of that reality can be questioned and we are brought closer to the central truths of our perceptions."
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