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Cole Richard Puetz

Cole Richard Puetz

Works in Tucson, AZ
Cole Puetz is an American artist based in Tucson, Arizona. His depictions of the modern queer experience offer an access point into the subconscious mind of both artist and viewer. Objects and symbols within his work leave vague imprints of familiarity as if existing within a memory. Sharp divergences in style and specificity form a detailed collage of dynamic, powerfully charged imagery. Each buried, unseen detail unlocks a new door, revealing private, concealed thoughts and desires. Puetz’s creative practice is a form of inner contemplation and subconscious realization. Internal conflicts existing in the present moment of the creation process are transformed into emblematic visual stories that bring the artist and viewer on a journey of self discovery. Each fragment having separate connotations that merge to form a larger, complex narrative.
You’ll like Cole if: sometimes you feel like you have no filter
"My painting process is reflective and meditative. Insights are brought to light when I bring my focus and attention inward. Bringing forth new ideas from unexpected places of intense feeling. I let my subconscious be a driving force in selecting what subjects to depict. My awareness is invested in emotions, memories, and sensations felt purely and depicted in a raw, unkept manner. When I step away from the work and reanalyze it as a completed whole, the preconceptions about specifics of a piece fade away and all that’s left is a faded memory, the scene only able to be pieced together as if you were trying to recall the details of a dream."
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