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Chunbum Park

Chunbum Park

Born in Seoul, South Korea / Works in Palisades Park, NJ
As a self described mostly straight Asian male, Chunbum Park, also known as Chun, explores gender fluidity and his fictive femme expression through art. Varying in texture and level of abstraction, the feminine figures of his work drift in and out of otherworldly color palettes. The exaggerated anatomy of his work in shrinking yet sexualized poses subvert the pathways of dominance that the oppression of queer people, women, and poc have made. Chun believes that the vulnerability in beauty and self-expression takes greater courage.
You'll like Chunbum if: you would never pass up a freaky friday type situation if given the chance
"My art has been like a mirror with which to examine myself. Why am I often attracted to this kind of beautiful imagery, dealing with femininity, eroticism, and sexuality in my work? I am trapped in my own male way of seeing, or the male gaze, and I cannot escape this nature despite my desire to become a woman in my fantasy. This is a contradiction - the desire to become a woman and my maleness that exercises the male gaze."
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