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Chris Baily

Chris Baily

Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, Works in Brooklyn, New York
Chris Baily is a painter, video artist, and experience designer. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. In his work on canvas, Chris mixes figurative painting, collage, and abstract mark making to build up a piece, sometimes over many years. Chris also experiments with moving elements using both projected video and digital screens. Chris studied Painting at Cornell University and received a YoungArts award, a Presidential Scholar award, and the David R. Beane award for Fine Arts.
You’ll like Chris if: you go on dream interpretation websites as soon as you wake up from a crazy nightmare
"Chris Baily explores the emotions that make up our inner monologue and how they project to the outside world. His work is mostly figurative, with elements of surrealism and abstraction layered over representational landscapes or color fields. Certain motifs reoccur: a dark haired woman, a young boy, migrating birds, clouds, ocean waves. They are symbolic representations of emotions, as well as indicators of time passing and the pressure of future expectations."
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