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Andrew Psomas

Andrew Psomas

Born in Staten Island, NY / Works in Brooklyn, NY
Born in Staten Island in 1995, Andrew Psomas (Somodomo) is a Brooklyn based artist, florist, music producer, fashion designer, and interior designer. Andrew is a storyteller at heart, focused on creating his own world. He paints his unique whimsical Dogman characters, often making references to fine art and pop culture. His experience growing up around his father’s flower shop is reflected in his use of color and gestural, natural movements.
Andrew primarily paints to shift perspectives. He uses contrast—in form, color, shade, context, and perception to challenge ideas of fine art, fame, gender, stereotypes, politics, etc. He stresses personal peace and happiness over all else, and seeks to help people to focus on the child-like simplicities of life, curiosity, friendship and family. Andrew believes the best art is that which can be two things at once.
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