Amelia Galgon

Amelia Galgon

Born in Philadelphia, PA / Works in Brooklyn, NY
Amelia Galgon has lived and worked in Brooklyn since receiving her B.A in Art and B.S. in Computer Science from Lehigh University in 2017. Her work predominately focuses on the portrait and the figure and typically depicts close friends and family as well as her own self. Her most recent work uses the body as a vessel to play and experiment with line and color as a way of exploring queerness and her own queer lens. Her work has been featured in exhibitions across Philadelphia and New York City and in multiple online exhibitions, including with Tussle Projects, Visionary Art Collective, and Philadelphia Sketch Club. Most recently, she received the award for Excellence in Watercolor from Philadelphia Sketch Club in their 2021 Works on Paper Juried Exhibition.
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“My work takes a radical look at queer individuals and their bisexual+ experiences and challenges readings of their identity that our culture often asserts based on it’s projected understanding of binary identity, sexual experience and desire. Using lived experience as a point of departure, the work invites the viewer into the space to engage with the body and notice how the playful relationship between the paint and the figure offers a nuanced representation of the subject. The contrast between the emotionally packed subject and the more refined space both celebrates fluidity as it pertains to forming identity and creates a clash between the subject’s sense of self and the exterior world.”
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