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Alicia Little

Alicia Little

Works in Richmond, VA
Alicia works in installation, video, painting, and many more - all of which take states of strewn-ness, fragmentation, and idleness. Much like her net-like sculptures that leisurely lean on the wall, intersecting pieces of color in her works on paper also lean and fold onto one another like napping dogs that don't - and don't ever have to know - personal space. The surface of painting transforms from something we need to look at from a distance to a plane among many others that is constantly being infiltrated and needled through.
You'll like Alicia if: you see each color as its own texture.
"My work uses formal properties to visualize spatial relationships between color, shape and form. Working in various modes including drawing, painting, video, sculpture, and installation, found objects, fabrics, plaster, and paint are common materials within the work. Mass produced objects and their waste materials are sought out for formal value, leaving behind utilitarian function to focus on tactile and visual qualities. Pattern, color, and shapes intertwine in an often cyclical and loosely systematic way."
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