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Adina Andrus

Adina Andrus

Born in Romania/ Works in NY
Adina Andrus works across various media, creating 2D mixed media pieces, sculptures, drawings and installations that confront questions of memory, belonging, and visual culture across time and space. Her works, while rooted in the ancient and folk art of her native country, Romania, allude to a universal pool of images and symbols that we inherit, consume and are guided by, while simultaneously interpreting them and contributing new, contemporary meanings.
You’ll like Adina if: you love hearing stories that have been passed down from generation to generation
"My work is symbolic of everyday habits and momentous rituals that signify our sense of belonging and cultural identity. Drawing in part from ancient imagery, as well as folk art from my native country Romania, I find commonalities across history and place, eliciting a recognition of various signs and symbols, while also opening them up to modern interpretation."
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