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Loop-de-Bloop by Ryan Patrick Martin
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    Ryan Patrick Martin


    Dimensions: Height 16 in x Width 20 in.

    Medium: Epoxy clay, Wood, and Acrylic paint on canvas

    Loop-de-Bloop is a composition of organic-wavy-lines, loops, and black and white straight angels. In this piece Martin explores “new directions.” He uses bright colors to infuse electricity into his artwork, and he particularly like how this work looks under ultraviolet light.

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    Ryan Patrick Martin

    Ryan Patrick Martin

    Born in Lancaster, PA / Works in NYC

    Painter, sculptor, and musician Ryan Patrick Martin is one of those rare people who creates his own reality - one of playfully strange objects and environments. His works are often informed by an interest in sound synthesis, movement, vibrancy, multi-sensory experiences and an endless search to find humor and harmony in the slop.You’ll love Ryan if you: feel an affinity to zany collectible figures and decided to wear the little plushies on your PVC belt to THAT warehouse rave.