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    Philippe Halaburda

    Isolla Paaradox 4

    Original Artwork

    Dimensions: Height 15 in x Width 11 in.

    Medium: Acrylic and color tape on paper


    The work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

    We offer $50 shipping in the continental U.S. and $20 installation service in the NYC metro area. Return shipping is also $50, but waived if you rent for 6 months or longer. Just shoot us an email and we'll help you safely return the artworks.

    Purchase: $654
    Subscription: $500 /mo
    Philippe Halaburda

    Philippe Halaburda

    Born in France / Works in New York

    Philippe calls his paintings “geographical abstractions”. He reconstructs recognizable details of an urban environment (angular shapes that look like construction debris or suggestion of skyscrapers, for example) according to his personal impression of pecific locations like New York, Aix-en-Provence, and Zurich. But Philippe doesn’t try to organize everything - where everything is fast, noisy, smelly, and overall so extra-, you gotta lean into the chaos and learn how to enjoy it.

    Inside the artist’s studio & life

    Inside the artist’s studio & life

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