Feelings of the Faraway - curina
Feelings of the Faraway - curina
Feelings of the Faraway - curina
Feelings of the Faraway - curina
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    Brittany Kieler

    Feelings of the Faraway

    Original Artwork

    Dimensions: Height 16 in x Width 13 in.

    Medium: Black lithographic ink on white cotton rag paper

    $38 /mo
    Purchase: $425
    Feelings of the Faraway has a progression to it that makes it feel as though the two black marks are floating through a river. Kieler's signature waves in this work are reminiscing of hypnosis and fingerprints.

    The work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

    We offer $50 shipping in the continental U.S. and $20 installation service in the NYC metro area. Return shipping is also $50, but waived if you rent for 6 months or longer. Just shoot us an email and we'll help you safely return the artworks.

    Your monthly rental payments accumulate and get deducted from the purchase price if you decide to buy the work.

    Purchase: $425
    Subscription: $38 /mo
    Brittany Kieler

    Brittany Kieler

    Works in Minneapolis, MN

    An oscillator is a circuit that produces a repeated alternating waveform by converting electronic signals. Simply put, they generate and convey information, a theme that Brittany Kieler explores the limits of in her art as she delves into the inherent mysticism of human history. Electronics (or anything having to do with oscillators themselves) don't appear in her work at all, but her wavy line art is reminiscent of what one sounds like... if that oscillator became sentient and tried to teach philosophy. Waveform next to waveform, her black and white lithographic lines meld into organic shapes that are almost familiar (and some that are not).

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