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Collected Memories 5 by Sinejan Kilic Buchina
Collected Memories 5
Collected Memories 5
Collected Memories 5
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    Sinejan Kilic Buchina

    Collected Memories 5

    Dimensions: Height 40 in x Width 28 in.

    Medium: Mixed media on board (oil, pastel, pencil, acrylic, collage)

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    Collected Memories 5

    Sinejan's Collected Memories series is a more direct expression of her own identity as immigrant (and/or emigre) artist as being a "collection" of different influences. The collage pieces used, both figurative and patterned, are layered into unstable-looking stacks that course through unadorned canvas background with no apparent direction. Even when five parts of the series are seen together like a folding screen, a certain disconnect between each piece remains. This leaves the solitary figure at a safe distance from the clutter, standing by and watching as unpredictable forces of history hangs over individual lives.

    Sinejan Kılıç Buchina

    Sinejan Kılıç Buchina

    Born in Turkey / Works in Bushwick, Brooklyn

    Sinejan’s mixed media paintings are an ode to the lived experiences of places that no article, photograph, or map can capture. Borders between two countries are never clear cut; languages become forgotten; some small towns cannot be reached by even mail, rendering it invisible. To parallel this constant process of unraveling, Sinejan erodes geographical boundaries on maps with stains of dirt, rust, spices, straw, and other materials collected from places she personally traveled to. She actually keeps glass jars of scrap metal on her studio cabinets that will one day turn into rust - a poetic process where even the most hardened, robust-looking materials eventually return to nature.You’ll love Sinejan if you: are the kind of traveller who would people-watch at a local mom and pop restaurant than visit tourist sites