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Breaking Patterns 1 by Christina Massey
Breaking Patterns 1
Breaking Patterns 1
Breaking Patterns 1
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    Christina Massey

    Breaking Patterns 1

    Dimensions: Height 34 in x Width 46 in.

    Medium: Acrylic, resin, and sand on wood panel

    $148 /mo
    Purchase: $5,000
    • One of a kind art with certificate from artist
    • Free delivery and installation*
    • Free art styling session with our art curators

    NOTICE: This item is extra large and only available for delivery within the five boroughs of New York.

    Breaking Patterns 1

    Christina creates this series of large mixed media works by attaching pieces of yarn and different kinds of fabric (from linen to khaki) to a wooden panel then painting over them. These hanging pieces appear to both grow out of the square panel like ivy vines, and to rebel and push back against it, reflecting the artist’s blending of flat painting and three dimensional sculpture.

    Christina Massey

    Christina Massey

    Works in Brooklyn

    Christina's mixed-media works are engaged in a perpetual struggle to burst out of whatever shape that holds them together. A philosopher once said that any artwork is a battle between material and content - this cannot be truer when Christina uses fabric like khakis, linen, and yarn that usually function to clothe and decorate our bodies but in her works given freedom to emanate energy on their own. In a sense, her approach seems like a rebellion against the way we in the modern times tend to bend nature as an object of our own use. When given the smallest crevice, nature will re-emerge in its full majestic force.You'll like Christina if: you stand in the traditional crafts section at the museum thinking how cool it'd be to learn how to build huge structures out of just straw and twigs.