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Paul Anagnostopoulos

Paul Anagnostopoulos

Born in NY; Works in NY
If there was ever a rave held in the Ancient Greek and Roman section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Paul Anagnostopolous’ artwork would come closest to visualizing it. Paul’s body of work featuring male greek and roman figural motifs manipulate space and visual emphasis. The figures, a visual standard of western masculinity with homoerotic subtext, are shown in positions of vulnerability within rich landscapes drawn from Paul’s life. As well as subverting gendered expectations, Paul’s figures draw on his Greek and Italian heritage in addition to his childhood drawings of his grandparent’s replica ancient vases and classical statues.
You will love Paul if: you can’t get enough of the vaporwave aesthetic.
"Both of my grandmothers were teachers with a strong interest in history. As I sketched these souvenir still lives, they would explain historical events, mythological stories, and their parents’ journeys from the Mediterranean to America. This is the autobiographical and nostalgic reasoning as to why I focus on these images. Conceptually speaking, the male figures serve as an access point to the discussion of masculinity in my work. These men are the undisputed epitome of Western power and beauty. I challenge these notions by injecting emotion and sensitivity to dramatically highlight the humanity of these divine characters. This increased sense of sentiment allows for the celebration of a tender masculinity."
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