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Leslie Alfin

Leslie Alfin

Massachusetts, US
We live in a time when the always transforming, always mutating web-based information networks offer more cultural abundance and poverty than ever. Leslie Alfin explores literal data pathways harvesting visual news bytes to be used as the fabric for paradoxical narratives, both soothing and disturbing, reflecting the nature of their source. Her work can be viewed as a struggle for a manageable co-existence with internet filtered information and a reconciliation of the chaos and comfort it generates.
You’ll like Leslie if: you close instagram but somehow end up right back on it 5 minutes later
My work has always been driven by a keen interest in how we, as voluntary or involuntary consumers, negotiate and manage the barrage of internet driven information that impacts us daily. More recently these investigations have expanded to exploring the integrity of the information (truth, lies, fantasy, fact, misinformation, propaganda, etc) and how we individually or culturally arrange the content to comport with our lives.
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