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Born in Guatemala / Works in Chicago, Illinois
Ivan Martino, also known as IvIvI, has always been passionate about the arts, experimenting with a variety of mediums and styles to create highly detailed wall art, sculptures, and other unique pieces that capture the viewer's attention.However, it wasn't until he discovered his ability to create digital artworks that he was able to bring his imaginings to life in a way he saw as beautiful. With cutting-edge technology, IvIvI is now able to produce extravagant artworks that fill our everyday lives with visual magic.
I am an artist who loves to tantalize the visual senses. Using a variety of mediums, I create 2D and 3D artworks with the same goal - to immerse the viewer in my vision of beauty & grace. My artistic fire comes from the desire to please you, the viewer, through intriguing, intricate and visually inspirational designs. Whether it be through a drawing or sculpture - I want to ignite your excitement with every glance.
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