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III. The End of the F***ing World

III. The End of the F***ing World

(Criminally) Underrated but BOMB AF Netflix watches: Part III

Well, this may not be *as* underrated as the others, some of y’all might argue. Fair point - but in my dictionary, if the IG account of the show doesn’t have as many followers as the one for Stranger Things then we still have a long way to go dudes! If you haven’t seen it, this show is about a psychopath who goes out on a ride around town with an equivalently troubled potty-mouth. As a kid, you ever felt this sudden rebellious courage to start packing your stuff to leave for good after getting whooped by your mom? That’s basically this show and collection.

This is a series staff picks by Undram

Suicide Prism




At the Filling Station...


These Hollow Days I...

$38 /mo | $600 Purchase

“Iridescent” (1 of 2)...



$148 /mo | $700 Purchase

My Dream Car

$148 /mo | $600 Purchase

Lula's Sweet Apothecary

$38 /mo | $350 Purchase


$88 /mo | $1,200 Purchase

Yellow Sideways Slash

$348 /mo | $4,500 Purchase
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