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The End of the F***ing World

The End of the F***ing World

As a kid, you ever felt this sudden rebellious courage to start packing your stuff to leave for good after getting whooped by your mom? That’s basically this show and collection.

Well, this may not be *as* underrated as the others, some of y’all might argue. Fair point - but in my dictionary, if the IG account of the show doesn’t have as many followers as the one for Stranger Things then we still have a long way to go dudes! If you haven’t seen it, this show is about a psychopath who goes out on a ride around town with an equivalently troubled potty-mouth. 

This is a series staff picks by Undram

Suicide Prism


At the Filling Station...


“Iridescent” (1 of 2)




Yellow Sideways Slash

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  • Corey Lovett

    Corey Lovett is a Brooklyn based artist and is currently pursuing a BFA degree in Painting at Pratt Institute. Corey paints images to evoke a feeling or mood within the viewer. His work is a combination of both abstract and figurative representation.

  • Shira Toren

    There is a sense of history in Shira's paintings. They are built up patiently like the hands of potters that their surfaces resemble, but left to be scratched and marked by some unknown force. Even the central objects are pressed into the thick layer of venetian plaster instead of sitting on top. In a world of polished surfaces, Shira's use of materials restores the power of time.

  • Saskia Fleishman

    Is there something prophetic about Saskia Fleishman's name? Because...pardon us for the terrible pun but her landscapes are fully fleshy. In a twist of fate, fluid and ethereal things like cloud or waves of the sea have been built up with sand, while backgrounds of striking techicolor recede away from the material world.

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