II. The Platform

II. The Platform

(Criminally) Underrated but BOMB AF Netflix watches: Part II

The Platform is the punch in the stomach you feel the moment you go down the top of a roller coaster. It’s a painfully good ride, but also a short one. There is no climax within but the whole movie itself is one giant climax. Plus, it’s in Spanish. I hope this collection brings you that horrendous gut-wrenching feeling that I’m talking about.

This is a series staff picks by Undram

Untitled (Mirror 4)

$38 /mo | $1,200 Purchase

5 Eggslike


Names (Bones)

$38 /mo | $750 Purchase

Moldy Bathroom Reflections

$88 /mo | $2,600 Purchase

Glory Hole

$38 /mo | $1,400 Purchase

The Red Queen

$348 /mo | $15,500 Purchase

Red Loop

$88 /mo | $1,000 Purchase

Red Splash

$38 /mo | $400 Purchase

Red Theo Butter

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