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Evan Ishmael
Works in East Williamsburg
Evan works from his studio in East Williamsburg, the back wall neatly lined with tools and the slightly sour smell of wood in the air. Considering his sculpture and design background, his command of unusual materials like soot residue, concrete, and spray doesn’t come as a surprise. But you may be surprised when his minimal, even digital looking, compositions start to unfold in poetic layers-- “bracing practice” indeed.
You’ll love Evan if you: Throw out those “haha-hmm” one-liners that make your friends question their lives for days after.
"My work has always centered around the exploration of form. What started as an attempt to explore a new medium has evolved into a fascination with more complicated compositions. I begin each piece by envisioning myself building an organic object—sometimes a towering form, other times delicate or minimal ones. I continue to push my own limits with size as well as content.”
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