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Window Plane by Liz Ainslie
Window Plane
Window Plane
Window Plane
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    Liz Ainslie

    Window Plane

    Dimensions: Height 28 in x Width 22 in.

    Medium: Oil on canvas


    Window Plane

    The circle of hatched brushstrokes, almost like a ring of light, opens up to a fantastical world where Liz says her act of painting takes place. The exact nature of the fantasy varies for her and remains open to our imagination, as they draw from everything from memories to color associations and overheard conversations.

    Liz Ainslie

    Liz Ainslie

    Works in Brooklyn

    Liz's compositions in oil look like they are made of different materials - yarn, water, dirt, grass, and is that colored paper? It's what we imagine amoeba playgrounds look like, one we could jump on a field trip in an episode of Magic School Bus. Although there is nothing "realistic" per se, you will notice little traces of movement left behind by inhabitants of this world in droplets, hatched marks, fuzzy lines, and repeating waves. Read more from our interview with LizYou'll love Liz if: your IG grid is full of close-up shots of random objects

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