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What an Outfit by Gyan Shrosbree
What an Outfit
What an Outfit
What an Outfit
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    Gyan Shrosbree

    What an Outfit

    Original Artwork

    Dimensions: Height 27 in x Width 11 in.

    Medium: acrylic, glitter, tape on canvas

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    What an Outfit

    Using not one but two canvases, Gyan is not subtle about her inspirations from fashion in this title. Notice here her fewer, bolder gestures than the more extensive details in other works: the nonchalant expanse of cyan blue accented with a "stroke" of hot pink. But even so, she doesn't forget to intervene the flatness with the ripped canvas on the top and a shallow layer of silver glitter in the center.

    Gyan Shrosbree

    Gyan Shrosbree

    Works in Fairfield, IA

    Gyan Shrosbree revels in her material. Like a third grader’s confidence outfit, her artwork weaves together bold color combos and a little bit of glitter in multimedia textile-like works. Gyan works intuitively and never on one piece at a time. Moving back and forth between works in a series, she carries out marks and movements while bouncing from one to the next, keeping the series related and each unique piece from being overworked into overcomplicated shreds. Most importantly, her process ensures that she continues to have fun and is connected to her art, which draws on the colorful moments of her everyday life.

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