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Swamp Shimmer XXIV by Caetlynn Booth
Swamp Shimmer XXIV
Swamp Shimmer XXIV
Swamp Shimmer XXIV
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    Caetlynn Booth

    Swamp Shimmer XXIV

    Original Artwork

    Dimensions: Height 24 in x Width 18 in.

    Medium: Oil on panel

    $88 /mo
    Purchase: $3,000
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    Swamp Shimmer XXIV

    Caetlynn says Swamp Shimmer is a series of works that, individually, represent a moment in time during a sunrise on the water's surface in the swamp. Shown collectively, they become a modular installation: a sequence of stages in a sunrise. The shapes of the cypress stumps wiggle as if distorted by heat waves, confusing what can be read as either above or below the water's surface and flatten space within the picture plane heightening abstraction. The oil paint is lush and viscous, with the brushwork speaking to the liquid nature of the subject.

    Caetlynn Booth

    Caetlynn Booth

    Born in St. Helena, CA / Works in Queens, NY

    The swarms of technicolor lined up on Caetlynn's palette are hard to believe came from mixing paint. The cool neon violet, for example, looks like it has been like that forever, made up of a material halfway between mud and clouds. Combined with her ways of boldly cutting landscape with geometry, her paintings become a vision from eyes shaped by digital environments - she has a special interest in mirroring and repetition in particular. As recognizable objects slowly disappear with such modulations, what remains is a sense of transcendence that does not relinquish joy.You'll like Caetlynn's works if: You wish they sold kaleidoscopes for adults - but don't we all?

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