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Oh The Places You Will Go by Debbi Kenote
Oh The Places You Will Go
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    Debbi Kenote

    Oh The Places You Will Go

    Dimensions: Height 14 in x Width 11 in.

    Medium: Egg tempera on paper on pane

    Purchase: $250
    Subscription: $250 /mo
    Debbi Kenote

    Debbi Kenote

    Works in NYC

    Debbi's works are sneaky in a sense that, instead of denying the existence of a frame, they subtly push against and peak out from it (have you noticed the pairs of eyes in some of her paintings?) Neat square pieces on the outer boundaries of the frame devolve into patterns, curves, and patches of sprayed paint. Some of Debbi's paintings actually look like puzzles, challenging you to play an active role - only to reveal that, in the end, her puzzles yield fun for the sake of it rather than a finished picture.You'll love Debbi if: you'd rather take a new path to work every time, even though you know the shortcut

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