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Mí Casco by Anna Oritz
Mí Casco
Mí Casco
Mí Casco
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    Anna Ortiz

    Mí Casco

    Dimensions: Height 12 in x Width 16 in.

    Medium: Oil on panel

    $88 /mo
    Purchase: $1,800
    • One of a kind art with certificate from artist
    • Free delivery and installation*
    • Free art styling session with our art curators
    Anna Ortiz

    Anna Ortiz

    Born in MA / Works in Brooklyn, NY

    Many people confess to a feeling of awe at seeing remnants of old civilizations. But oh wait, Anna's paintings in neon and pastel wash don't just focus on the time that landmarks endured, but the original fantasy they must have inspired. Namely, these sculptures submerge into the ground as if they've grown out of it, echoing the Olmec and Aztec beliefs that rocks and other landmarks are already animate. Their gravity doesn't come from the fact that they represent higher spirits, but that they are converging points for human and nature - and for painting, representation and our "reading into" it? You'll like Anna if: your grasp of "classical civilization" is not Eurocentric.