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Los fantasmas by Juan Negroni
Los fantasmas
Los fantasmas
Los fantasmas
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    Juan Negroni

    Los fantasmas

    Original Artwork

    Dimensions: Height 16 in x Width 12 in.

    Medium: Mixed media on canvas

    $88 /mo
    Purchase: $1,000
    One of Juan Negroni's Sereno series, Los fantasmas stands out with its central spurt of water or plant growth that overlaps with striped patterns on top. The energy of the sprouting form mirrors the artist's wish to remember Puerto Rico as he grew up in and channel the culture's resilience. And the horizontal lines like lattices echoes an element in Caribbean domestic space from his own memory, the window, that is important both for ventilation and for communicating with neighbors.

    The work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

    We offer $50 shipping in the continental U.S. and $20 installation service in the NYC metro area. Return shipping is also $50, but waived if you rent for 6 months or longer. Just shoot us an email and we'll help you safely return the artworks.

    Your monthly rental payments accumulate and get deducted from the purchase price if you decide to buy the work.

    Juan Negroni

    Juan Negroni

    Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico / Works in Dallas, TX

    Sometimes, a feeling, story, or place are so intricately colorful it’s impossible to describe them in words. Sometimes, all three exist at once. This is certainly the case for Juan Negroni, who’s mixed media paintings map out memories and spaces in the abstract, playing with colors and motifs that pay homage to his home; Puerto Rico. Now based in Texas, Juan takes us up close to a vibrant garden where overlapping neon colored plants and patterns make nature itself seem dull.

    Inside the artist’s studio & life

    Inside the artist’s studio & life

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