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Interior (Taber Nacky #3) by Vincent Stracquadanio
Interior (Taber Nacky #3)
Interior (Taber Nacky #3)
Interior (Taber Nacky #3)
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    Vincent Stracquadanio

    Interior (Taber Nacky #3)

    Dimensions: Height 11 in x Width 8 in.

    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    $38 /mo
    Purchase: $300
    • One of a kind art with certificate from artist
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    • Free art styling session with our art curators

    Interior (Taber Nacky #3)

    Interior (Taber Nacky) series are more heavily patterned, almost eliminating the sense of depth except for the microspace that opens up between two poles / clouds / doors. With framing elements like clouds, doors, and converging diagonal lines, we get a tactile sense of being pushed into a gaseous world of a different state of being entirely.

    Vincent Stracquadanio

    Vincent Stracquadanio

    Works in NYC

    Looking at one of Vincent’s paintings feels like walking into a wild and vivid cathedral, where everyone idolizes a dark, squiggly figure. You’ll want to climb inside the world that the artist has created and let it wrap you up in it’s warm, psychedelic, neon wackiness. Vincent’s pieces also carry a sense of monumentality, as though you couldn’t imagine anything being changed or added to them, they are utterly complete. You’ll love Vincent if: you have a dark (and somewhat inappropriate) sense of humor

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