Ensuring Happiness by Katie Hector
Ensuring Happiness
Ensuring Happiness
Ensuring Happiness
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    Katie Hector

    Ensuring Happiness

    $148 /mo
    Purchase: $4,500

    NOTICE: This item is extra large and only available for delivery within the five boroughs of New York.

    Dimensions: Height 98 in x Width 76 in.

    Medium: Acrylic, latex, and spray paint on canvas

    Katie says: "This image is of a large-scale painting I completed in October 2019. I was curious to see how the abstract forms, colors, and paint applications I use to create smaller works on paper would translate on a larger scale. I set out to make this work and as a result, gained deeper insight into a variety of pour and spray techniques. I executed this work in three layers using a selection of industrial and commercial materials such as latex house paint and spray paint sourced from local hardware stores. I relish every opportunity to execute larger pieces when formal questions arise and the work calls for it. This image represents a large painting on canvas resting on foam blocks and leaned against a neutral white wall in my studio."