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Cotton Candy Grandpa by Katie Hector
Cotton Candy Grandpa
Cotton Candy Grandpa
Cotton Candy Grandpa
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    Katie Hector

    Cotton Candy Grandpa

    Dimensions: Height 22 in x Width 22 in.

    Medium: Acrylic, spray paint, and cement on panel

    Katie says: "This body of work centers around the concept of FOMO (The Fear of Missing Out), a mental state of dysphoria triggered when engaging with social media. Repeating ovoid forms abstractly allude to eyes, a mask, or a face and ambiguously refer to selfie culture and emojis. Hyper-saturated colors are sourced directly from consumer culture and advertisements. Through this series of abstract paintings, I experimented with a wide range of materials, scales, mediums, and techniques while mining the significance behind the recurring motif. This image represents a FOMO painting rendered with three-dimensional layers of acrylic, latex, sawdust, and spray paint on panel set against a neutral white background."

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    Katie Hector

    Katie Hector

    Born in Lawrenceville, NJ / Works in NYC

    Katie’s mixed-media paintings burst out from two-dimensional space in smears of concrete and swirls of neon color. After the first three seconds of trying to identify an object and failing, you’ll be inclined to smell, touch, and listen to these sites left behind by some mysterious encounter. Are the two circular marks in Katie’s FOMO series dinosaur footprints or the result of someone angrily punching at a slab of clay (my friend who makes ceramics does this…)? Prehistoric or Gen-Z? Wild moss or silica gel beads? Pools of magma or ketchup and mustard? You tell me.You’ll love Katie if you: were that kid who mixed the 20 kinds of sodas and juices at TGI Friday’s to make mystery concoctions

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