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Bergy Bits by Debbi Kenote
Bergy Bits
Bergy Bits
Bergy Bits
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    Debbi Kenote

    Bergy Bits

    Original Artwork

    Dimensions: Height 24 in x Width 24 in.

    Medium: acrylic on canvas

    $88 /mo
    Purchase: $1,950
    Debbi Kenote’s acrylic on canvas works start with a grid. As they progress, organic shapes grow out of fluid marks, eventually turning into compositions that seem to fall in and out of frames, windows, and puzzles. Debbi’s abstractions are interlocking tiles of contrasting and complimenting colors, shapes, and moods, much like the wordplay of her titles.

    The work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

    We offer $50 shipping in the continental U.S. and $20 installation service in the NYC metro area. Return shipping is also $50, but waived if you rent for 6 months or longer. Just shoot us an email and we'll help you safely return the artworks.

    Your monthly rental payments accumulate and get deducted from the purchase price if you decide to buy the work.

    Purchase: $1,950
    Subscription: $88 /mo
    Debbi Kenote

    Debbi Kenote

    Works in NY

    Debbi's works are sneaky in a sense that, instead of denying the existence of a frame, they subtly push against and peak out from it (have you noticed the pairs of eyes in some of her paintings?) Neat square pieces on the outer boundaries of the frame devolve into patterns, curves, and patches of sprayed paint. Some of Debbi's paintings actually look like puzzles, challenging you to play an active role - only to reveal that, in the end, her puzzles yield fun for the sake of it rather than a finished picture.

    Inside the artist’s studio & life

    Inside the artist’s studio & life

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