Meet Demo: Characters that never stay the same

December 11, 2019
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Demo Deng Shiqing explores the relatinoship between virtual reality and the tangible world.


Q1. How would aliens react to your artwork?

I think they will like it! Maybe they’ll commision me to do their portrait.

Q2. It’s raining really hard right now. Do you like rainy days?

I don’t like rainy days but it doesn’t bother me. Because the studio doesn’t rain.

Q3. Did New York and China influence your work differently?

In China, Art education is training techniques, and we paint models everyday. They are more focused on skill, and not on what you want to express. Here it is totally different. At first I’m not very used to it. I don’t know what to paint. I can paint very well, but I just don’t know what to paint. I was used to following the teacher’s idea. In New York, they really helped me to express what I want to say and find my own voice.

Q4. I see a lot of fashion elements in your artworks, were you always interested in fashion?

I was inspired by the MET fashion show. I first saw it two years ago, and since then I’ve seen it every year. I was trying to combine that interesting element of fashion into my painting. There are so many elements for me to experiment—the cloth, the shape, the texture. I can design myself, it’s very fun.

Q5. Favorite color


Q6. Can you tell us a little about your recent piece?

My recent piece is about my studio mate. Recently she moved out of her house and she is staying with her friends. As an artist it’s very difficult to balance making artworks and making a living. So I want to create a piece like that, and combining her own artwork into it.

Q7. What are you working on now?

This one I don’t think I’ll make a portrait, I need a little rest. I’ll do something like fashion-clothes, but very abstract. I’m thinking the person wears tons of clothes together, cloth cover cloth cover cloth cover cloth, with different shapes and different patterns. I think it would be very fun to paint.

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