"art without commitment"

1. Pick the Artwork

Browse our collection by artist, featured on journal, or style.

Subscribe online and wait for our confirmation email.
2. We deliver & install

Free in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
3. Swap, buy, or return

After the first three months, email us anytime to change the artwork or subscription plan.

If you buy, the rental fees paid so far go towards purchase.

three subscription plans

Curina's monthly plans are determined by the pricing and size of the artwork.
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Upgrade Effortlessly

Purchase online and wait for our email that will confirm your subscription status every month. Sit back and get ready for your space to look brand-new. We deliver and install for free in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Live flexibly

Curina offers rental subscription for Fine-Art with no commitment. After the rental period, you can swap or keep.


When you decide to purchase, the rental fees you’ve paid so far are deducted from the value of the artwork. 

Email us to swap with another work at the same price point, or to switch to a different price point. 

Follow the “cancel” link on your monthly subscription e-mail. Sorry to see you go!
"Millennials, who have a reputation as a generation that strives to be unique through purchases and social media, deserved better. Her solution, Curina, offers three subscription plans which provide members with curated art from New York artists. "
-- WWD
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