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Weihui Lu

Weihui Lu

Born in Shanghai, China / Works in Queens, NY
Weihui is a painter whose work explores the themes of mental health, climate change, and the ways in which identities - both cultural and personal - are created through the narratives we imagine and retell. She was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Queens, NY, where she currently lives and works.
You'll like Weihui if: you're intense, but you're great at communicating so it kinda works out.
"Abstract Expressionism was one of the movements that drew me the most–there is an emotional immediacy to it that felt to me, at the time, like it could move beyond the borders of racial and cultural identity. It wasn’t until much later that I realized how much of my attraction to it is fundamentally informed by my early exposures to Chinese art. There’s a sort of yearning, a searching for the familiar in the gestural, the brush-based mark-making." - from Weihui's interview with Mud Season Review (2020)
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