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Randall Stoltzfus

Randall Stoltzfus

Born in Harrisonburg, VA / Works in Brooklyn, NY
Randall Stoltzfus learned to cross-stitch, garden, and paint houses from his Mennonite family in rural Virginia before graduating with highest distinction from UVA in 1993. After completing his MFA at American University in Washington, DC he moved to New York. Now he works in a studio in Brooklyn, where he makes art about light from multitudes of hand-painted circles. His 16th solo show, Widening, opened at Blank Space in New York City in the fall of 2019.
Weโ€™re all a part of something bigger. Each of us is surrounded by our own light, which contributes to a collective light so vast, itโ€™s easily overlooked. This phenomenon of cooperative light is the subject of my art. The intrinsic cooperation of the natural world has been my persistent inspiration. In these times โ€” where we seem to be losing sight of ourselves as a collective, as something greater โ€” my art feels especially motivated by personal responsibility.
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