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Megan Levine

Megan Levine

Born in Woodland, CA / Works in Berkeley, CA
Megan Levine is an artist and math educator in the San Francisco Bay Area. She collages hand painted paper onto stretched canvas with integrated acrylic backgrounds. Driving this practice are her fascinations with relationships— human, mathematical, and linguistic— and their abstract representations. The saturated color palette and use of texture are key to her distinct style. Levine’s work has been featured in shows including “Collage and Mixed Media” for San Francisco Women Artists (2021), and “Women Rising” with the Inside
Throughout my art practice, I have been fascinated with human relationships and the ever evolving labels used to define them, including personal identifiers as labels for the relationships we have with ourselves. Within the collages, the layering and texture reference how we exchange energy, emote feelings, and adhere to power structures. While I am deeply driven to create a sense of balance in the compositions, I revel in the space where that doesn’t imply stability, but opportunity.
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