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Juan Negroni

Juan Negroni

Born in BayamĂłn, Puerto Rico / Works in Dallas, TX
Sometimes, a feeling, story, or place are so intricately colorful it’s impossible to describe them in words. Sometimes, all three exist at once. This is certainly the case for Juan Negroni, who’s mixed media paintings map out memories and spaces in the abstract, playing with colors and motifs that pay homage to his home; Puerto Rico. Now based in Texas, Juan takes us up close to a vibrant garden where overlapping neon colored plants and patterns make nature itself seem dull.
You will love Juan if: you tell people you’re not afraid of color and mean it.
"My gardens are homages to moments though my life. Memories of my father cutting the lawn, my mom doing the laundry and serenating, about me and my sibling playing. It is a homage to my family, to how safe I felt, to the long conversation with the neighbors and to the healing force of nature."
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