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Josh Meillier

Josh Meillier

Josh Meillier (b. 1990, Northfield Minnesota; lives and works in Brooklyn, New York) Meillier completed his BFA in drawing and painting at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2013, and he completed his MFA in painting at Pratt Institute in 2020. He has exhibited extensively in both solo and group exhibitions in Connecticut, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota, New York, and South Carolina. His most recent shows have been Indistinct Relations at CIRCA Gallery, Material Poetics, at New Gallery in Brooklyn NY, Lately, at CIRCA Gallery in Minneapolis, MN, and i dont understand this world, at Space369 in St. Paul, MN. . He is currently represented by CIRCA Gallery in Minneapolis, MN.
My generation is the last to remember a time before the Internet. The Internet is understood as a progressive resource for information and education; it has created the ‘Information Age’. We often forget that it is also a space of intentional misinformation. To this end the Internet has a complicated and fraught relationship with art making and viewing. I am fascinated by representations of a lack of information or data, or redactions on documents, lost and missing signals. What does it mean when the tools that are meant make us aware, conscious, educated, and informed – are broken. In my paintings and sculptures there is a sort of sleight of hand that is meant to trick the browsing viewer into inspecting. Tape may or may not be real functional tape. Surfaces contrast between shiny and matte to play with a camera as it documents. Images of plants, tv static, and tools are stacked and layered using transfers, collage and paint. Found and ready-made objects are sometimes cast or fabricated. I use these techniques to call attention to something being fake, or real. Without making a claim at either.