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Jessica Gaddis

Jessica Gaddis

Born in Newtown, CT / Works in Elizaville, NY
Jessica Gaddis (b. 1987) is an artist living and working in Elizaville, NY. She has worked at the Harvard Ceramics Program and has exhibited at Mother Gallery (Beacon, NY), Super Dutchess (NY, NY), and internationally in Iceland. She holds a BFA and MFA from the State University of New York at New Paltz.
You'll like Jessica if: you feel deeply connected to nature
I am always thinking about the body’s relationship to its environment. I am close friends with the pond in my yard. I swim in its clear waters, walk alongside as the carp fins bob up and down like sharks, and I pull at the green slime that collects where the water exits. I have a memory of swimming while pregnant last summer and feeling my baby move inside me. My body contained a nurturing pond. I swam while he swam in me. I felt as wild as my surroundings. Water is vibrational matter and bodies are porous. When he was born I felt like we were everything. I can’t tell if it's his stomach or mine that growls. Sometimes we hiccup at the same time. I make ceramic figurative sculptures that try to remain as fluid and as responsive as they are in their wet state. I push these figures further into abstraction through painting to build a world where these figures are entangled in their environments. I believe edges are an illusion and so I carve holes in the modular figures to include the surroundings. With paint, I glaze layers of color to create paradoxically translucent solids. The story is a biological one - about responsive, porous, and spongey sensual wave monsters.
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