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Fukuko Harris

Fukuko Harris

Born in Tokyo, Japan / Works in NYC and Montauk, NY
Fukuko's objects are totally non-functional, but in that way, functional in their own worlds. She doesn't try to hide or elevate the textures of cheap, common materials like cardboards, cupcake papers, and loofahs. If anything, her contraptions amplify original materials with bright colors and patterns like seeing an onion flowering for the first time.
You'll like Fukuko if: you've been saving the eclectic wrappers you get for birthdays
"Colors, shapes, and the idea of taking a ride into compositional spaces are the things that drive my creation of mixed-media paintings, sculptures and works on paper. Generally non-representational, my works convey something I have witnessed, sensed or otherwise experienced in my lifetime. I might start from an idea or image of a structure, conceptual or physical, or sometimes from a mood. I begin by working intuitively with a few colors in mind, and then explore compositional or structural possibilities with more forms and colors, or by various arrangements of my preferred marks. Sometimes it's simply the accumulation of materials that leads me along."
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