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Duane Kenneth Williams

Duane Kenneth Williams

Born in New Orleans, LA / Works in New Orleans, LA
Duane Kenneth Williams aka Native Intelligence was born and raised in New Orleans and has lived in the San Francisco and Los Angeles parts of California. Whether in the South or on the West Coast, both areas have truly molded Duane’s life experiences, inspiration, and unorthodox artistic education. Drawing and painting has always come naturally to this artist. According to his parents (with fully formed sarcasm), he painted his first “masterpiece” when he was only 3 years old on a small convenience store paper bag in 1977.
Duane Kenneth Williams can’t stop painting circles. Circles within circles seems to be a major image popping up in his acrylic/oil art works. Each painting may simply look like an abstract bulls eye but flip the canvas around and each one has a secret title on the back. This begins a discussion and theme where the artist has gone through the emotions of “How am I feeling? How am I today, in this moment? What Targeted theme do I want this painting to represent? How do I feel targeted? What makes you feel targeted?”. Each piece is a take on targeted victimization, whether it’s ourselves, society as a whole or the planet itself.
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