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Dee Shapiro

Dee Shapiro

Long Island, NY
Born in Brooklyn and currently living and working on Long Island, Dee began exhibiting work in the 1970’s at the first women’s cooperative gallery on Long Island. In 2000 she took notice of the geometry of familiar places walking the city and traveling to the country and abroad and painted small horizontal cities and landscapes. Her recent works consist of patterns: patterns in nature, craft and work associated with women. The addition of collages is seen in most current work.
You’ll love Dee if: you Like to imagine the city in a whimsical geometrical vision.
As in a dream of alternative realities, absurd connections, or on a trip passing familiar landscapes in unfamiliar settings, new conscious and unconscious associations are brought to a 2-dimensional surface in my work. In the recent pieces, geometry (seen even in the structure of organic forms) directs composition: arbitrary drops of color undermine control and create shapes that succumb to the overwork of drawings, rendering obsessive intricacies and paint application building the forms.
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