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Debbi Kenote

Debbi Kenote

Works in NY
Debbi's works are sneaky in a sense that, instead of denying the existence of a frame, they subtly push against and peak out from it (have you noticed the pairs of eyes in some of her paintings?) Neat square pieces on the outer boundaries of the frame devolve into patterns, curves, and patches of sprayed paint. Some of Debbi's paintings actually look like puzzles, challenging you to play an active role - only to reveal that, in the end, her puzzles yield fun for the sake of it rather than a finished picture.
You'll love Debbi if: you'd rather take a new path to work every time, even though you know the shortcut
Formally rooted in abstraction, my paintings and drawings take on both natural and anthropomorphic forms. The works are playful, yet they also have an air of mystery and at times, conjure the unsettling feeling of peering into an unknown space. The bright shapes and upbeat borders that are inherent in the work are belied by darker forms that resemble dense forests. I choose to use light in ways that help to create distinct moods in the work.
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