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Brooklyn local artist Carolanna in her art studio and her creative process

Carolanna Parlato

Works in Gowanus, Brooklyn
While a seasoned veteran in abstraction, Carolanna’s eyes light up talking about her experiments with pigment and viscosity. Working like she does without a brush, pouring acrylic paint directly over canvas, is a dance with gravity on one side and materiality of paint on the other. What results are rolling curves of color that have been coaxed out over time instead of declared by the artist. I can’t help but follow the splatters of paint all over her studio floor, imagining how Carolanna would have crouched, lept over canvases, waved her arms in both sweeping and controlled movements.
You’ll love Carolanna if: you are a champ at layering like a true New Yorker, wearing 5 different shirts in different colors and textures but they work together somehow.
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