Barbara Bryn Klare

Barbara Bryn Klare

Born in Athens, OH / Works between SF, LA, and OH
Barbara Bryn Klare was born on Valentine’s Day in Athens, Ohio, and received a BA in geology and studio art/art history from Oberlin College and an MA Fine Art Merit from University for the Creative Arts UK. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally including museums and galleries in SF, LA, Brooklyn, S Korea, Canada and the UK, and has been reviewed on Huffington Post, Woven Tale Press, Culturestr/ke and Art Bra Austin. In fall 2019, she had the honor of being the first Artist-in-Residence at Dairy Barn Arts Center. Ms Klare is a founding member of Textile Arts LA. Previously, Ms Klare worked as a freelance textile/surface designer in SF and LA and as a professional writer, editor and columnist. During college, she worked in several art conservation labs, including the Intermuseum Conservation Association Lab at Oberlin. She divides her time between the SF Bay Area, LA and Ohio.
"I use rescued textiles, objects, drawings, text, and natural and digital materials to weave together a practice that explores themes of fragility, repair, sustainability, powerlessness and legacy. My works give voice and artistic solace to the silenced and overlooked in society: unknown poets, deceased mothers, old clothes. Simple objects such as sticks and animal horns are given new life. I champion the humble and the frayed, and free the discarded remnants of a throw-away world. Used textiles–rescued from becoming landfill–are a deeply poetic starting point. The ragged strength of these worn fabrics forms the basis for large-scale installations, collage, drawings, objects and social practice. Cloth and thread as metaphor is a recurring motif. Thread becomes line and cloth becomes paint."