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Anna Ortiz

Anna Ortiz

Born in MA / Works in Brooklyn, NY
Many people confess to a feeling of awe at seeing remnants of old civilizations. But oh wait, Anna's paintings in neon and pastel wash don't just focus on the time that landmarks endured, but the original fantasy they must have inspired. Namely, these sculptures submerge into the ground as if they've grown out of it, echoing the Olmec and Aztec beliefs that rocks and other landmarks are already animate. Their gravity doesn't come from the fact that they represent higher spirits, but that they are converging points for human and nature - and for painting, representation and our "reading into" it?
You'll like Anna if: your grasp of "classical civilization" is not Eurocentric.
"I have had a long standing interest in landscape painting as a locus for reflecting on current events, my personal history and the potential for narrative in painting. Most recently I have turned to my Mexican heritage as a source for inspiration for a new body of work titled “Dioses de los Pochos.” This series focuses on surreal scenes of invented deities resurrected from ruin. Pochos is a term describing Mexican-Americans who are neither entirely Mexican or American. They may feel disconnected to Mexico but not wholly American either. They live straddling the two cultures, perhaps creating a third in the process. Similarly the deities in the series “Dioses de los Pochos” exist in liminal worlds. Inspired by the archeology of Mesoamerican figures, they come to life in dream like landscapes where they are neither dead nor alive. Out of the ruins of their previous existence, these new gods embrace their ambiguity, existing somewhere between memory and imagination."
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