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Angel Perdomo

Angel Perdomo

Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras / Works in New Orleans, LA
How can something be dangerous if it’s so cute? Angel Perdomo riffs on toys, pop culture, and mythology in his art. What if Andromeda had anime eyes? What if your average medieval weaponry came with a cute cartoon smile? Lucky you! Angel’s mixed media works come with a toy included!
You will love Angel if: you know that those pink “for girls” nerf guns actually kind of hurt the most.
"Angel Perdomo's working mediums vary but with a focus on acrylic and airbrush on canvas. His body of work is a representation of his experiences, thoughts, and interests as an immigrant in The United States. This ranges from his love of the surreal and low brow things like toys, cartoons, and comics that tap into his childlike perspective; he is also influenced by pop culture and the customs of his surroundings as well as his experience growing in a Hispanic home within a predominantly English community. All of this combined helps tell the story of his experience as an outsider in the very society he lives."
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